Bronwyn buys MTB $111.53: M&T Bank Corporation (MTB): M&T small business lending well ahead of target

M&T Bank Corporation (MTB): M&T small business lending well ahead of target Seeking Alpha - 4 hours ago M&T Bank (MTB -0.3%) announces small business lending of $259M over the last year, far exceeding the $50M per year pace promised to the SBA ... (more)

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13            ------- 1789300112.6113.2111.4 111.5
19.9.13          ------ -- 1005300113.6114.1111.4 112.6
18.9.13         -----   -- 921139113.5114.3112.8 113.5
17.9.13           -----  - 584900112.6113.6111.7 113.5
16.9.13            ---  -- 831500112.6113.3111.9 112.3
13.9.13             ---    454200111.7112.5111.5 111.9
12.9.13            ----  - 623600112.9113.0111.6 111.7
11.9.13           ----   - 768600113.2113.5112.0 112.7
10.9.13          ----   -- 1139300113.8114.0112.8 113.2
9.9.13        -----   --- 1461400115.0115.3112.9 113.1
6.9.13      -------     - 559800115.3115.9113.1 115.0
5.9.13     ---            491300115.5116.5115.3 115.9
4.9.13       ----       - 759200114.1115.8114.1 115.5
3.9.13       ------    -- 996700114.4115.6113.0 114.2
30.8.13          ----      511100114.3114.3112.4 113.3
29.8.13         ----       397000113.4114.4113.0 113.8
28.8.13        ---       - 593600114.3115.2114.0 114.5
27.8.13   -------       -- 1082900117.3117.5114.4 114.4
26.8.13 ---             -- 808200118.1118.9117.8 118.5
23.8.13 ---              - 563500119.4119.4117.7 118.3

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M&T Bank Corporation (MTB): M&T bank joins those warning about mortgage ... Seeking Alpha - Sep 10, 2013 Add M&T Bank (MTB -0.1%) to the list of those warning Q3 mortgage-banking results are going to be ugly. Investors should brace for a " ... (more)
M&T BANK CORPORATION : Buffalo Promise Neighborhood Children's ... (press release) - 14 hours ago BUFFALO, N.Y.-One hundred and fifty kids from one of Buffalo's poorest neighborhoods will be educated at the new $3.5 million Buffalo Pr ... (more)
M&T Bank Corp. Price Target Lowered to $121.00 at BMO Capital Markets (MTB) Ticker Report - 5 hours ago M&T Bank Corp. logo Stock analysts at BMO Capital Markets cut their target price on shares of M&T Bank Corp. Report says M&T at work on ... (more)
M&T Bank Corporation (MTB): M&T Bank Corporation at Barclays Global ... Seeking Alpha - 16 hours ago Moving right along, next up we're very pleased to have M&T Bank. I can give a long-winded introduction about its consistency of results, ab ... (more)
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