Clarinda sells BAC $14.12: Bank of America facing trial on alleged Countrywide mortgage fraud

Bank of America facing trial on alleged Countrywide mortgage fraud Los Angeles Times - Aug 27, 2013 Bank of America Corp. must face a trial next month in a lawsuit alleging that its Countrywide unit defrauded Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by selling them bill ... (more)

Felicitas, Ardelia, and Jeffie sold BAC.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
30.8.13          -----   7323330014.2314.2514.07 14.12
29.8.13         -----    7669140014.1414.3014.12 14.17
28.8.13          ------- 9647360014.0714.2513.99 14.12
27.8.13       -------  - 12253400014.2614.4114.10 14.11
26.8.13  -----           6893880014.5314.7014.49 14.49
23.8.13  -----           6769910014.5914.6914.51 14.57
22.8.13    -----         7635080014.4714.6014.40 14.57
21.8.13      ------    - 9168050014.2614.4814.20 14.34
20.8.13        --------- 11433240014.1814.3813.98 14.29
19.8.13        ------  - 9838460014.3714.3814.13 14.15
16.8.13      ------    - 10495930014.2914.4714.21 14.42
15.8.13      ----      - 9923880014.4614.4714.31 14.32
14.8.13 -----            7855360014.5514.7514.54 14.60
13.8.13    ------        7577820014.4714.6214.33 14.51
12.8.13      ----        6086800014.3614.4714.32 14.41
9.8.13    -----         7300510014.5614.6114.40 14.45
8.8.13  ------        - 8854400014.6814.7014.44 14.61
7.8.13    -------     - 12869350014.4314.5714.25 14.53
6.8.13 ---              8424970014.7414.7614.63 14.64
5.8.13 --               6171180014.7714.8414.70 14.80

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Maurine, and


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