Lillie sells EBAY $49.99: Estate Auctions Inc Celebrates 15 Years on eBay With Labor Day Event

Estate Auctions Inc Celebrates 15 Years on eBay With Labor Day Event PR Web (press release) - 14 hours ago Norb and Marie Novocin, owners of Estate Auctions, Inc. are proud to announce their first annual Labor Day Auction on eBay. This Monday, September 2, ... (more)

Nancy, Roseann, Leonie, and Evon sold EBAY.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
30.8.13            ------- 1112370051.0951.1049.62 49.99
29.8.13          ------  - 710920050.2251.4850.20 50.99
28.8.13            ---   - 813850050.7551.0150.42 50.43
27.8.13          -----  -- 1034170051.2451.4950.42 50.61
26.8.13        ----      - 807090051.6752.1351.21 51.96
23.8.13          --      - 702590051.2251.7051.14 51.65
22.8.13          ---     - 747930051.1951.6251.01 51.08
21.8.13         ----    -- 1285260051.7451.8750.81 50.96
20.8.13      ----        - 937940052.2552.6351.78 51.99
19.8.13    -----           664440052.7453.2852.04 52.07
16.8.13   ----           - 753160053.0953.6352.69 52.92
15.8.13    -------      -- 1526880053.3753.4651.68 53.18
14.8.13 --                 676800054.1454.5253.99 54.23
13.8.13 ----             - 944320053.7454.4853.51 54.12
12.8.13    ----            471390052.7553.4652.52 53.28
9.8.13   ---              638150053.5453.7852.97 53.33
8.8.13   ----             563720053.5353.7352.84 53.57
7.8.13   ---            - 706220053.4353.8852.98 53.01
6.8.13   -----         -- 1034330052.7153.7952.44 53.70
5.8.13     ---            538110052.6352.9552.33 52.71

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