Corrie buys GS $169.75: GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC : Goldman hit by debt auction error at New York ...

GOLDMAN SACHS GROUP INC : Goldman hit by debt auction error at New York ... (press release) - 13 hours ago (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs was hit by a clerical error at the New York Federal Reserve that left the bank without any of the three-month Tre ... (more)

Lavonne, Denyse, Kari, and Margo bought Goldman Sachs Group.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
20.9.13 -----           ---- 15652000168.0169.8164.0 169.8
19.9.13 ---                - 3534300169.7170.0166.9 167.8
18.9.13 ----               - 3423800166.5169.1165.6 168.1
17.9.13  ---                 2653700167.2167.6165.7 167.4
16.9.13  ---               - 3671900166.3168.6165.2 167.0
13.9.13     --               2231900164.3164.7163.0 164.0
12.9.13    ---               2643500164.8165.3163.1 163.3
11.9.13    ---               2234100164.9165.8163.8 165.1
10.9.13    ----           -- 5267100163.0165.5162.6 165.1
9.9.13         ---          2151200157.4159.7157.2 159.5
6.9.13           -----      2463900157.0157.7153.4 156.7
5.9.13           ---        2446700156.0158.1155.6 156.2
4.9.13           ----       2195800154.8157.2154.3 155.7
3.9.13            ----      2464700154.5156.0153.5 154.8
30.8.13              ---     2233900153.8154.0151.3 152.1
29.8.13             ----     2133800152.4154.7152.1 153.6
28.8.13              ---     2343300153.0154.2151.4 153.0
27.8.13            ----    - 3671900155.7156.5152.9 153.2
26.8.13        ----          1885100158.4160.7157.8 157.9
23.8.13         ---          1500600159.6159.8158.0 158.7

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Marita, and


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