Shawnta sells LOW $45.82: LOWE'S COMPANIES, INC. : Lowe's Companies Completes Acquisition of 72 ...

LOWE'S COMPANIES, INC. : Lowe's Companies Completes Acquisition of 72 ... (press release) - 8 hours ago MOORESVILLE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 30, 2013-- Lowe's Companies, Inc. (NYSE:LOW), the world's second largest home improve ... (more)

Autumn and Ebonie sold LOW.

Date Volume OpenHigh Low Close
30.8.13    -----             561350046.5046.6245.65 45.82
29.8.13   ----               447060046.2846.7746.00 46.42
28.8.13    ----            - 715520045.8846.6745.86 46.38
27.8.13    ----            - 731590046.3946.7045.95 46.00
26.8.13 ---                - 608510047.0147.4446.83 46.99
23.8.13 ----               - 812760047.2447.5046.57 46.98
22.8.13 -------           -- 1027440045.9747.5145.92 47.39
21.8.13  -------        ---- 3011170045.6147.2545.52 45.81
20.8.13            -----  -- 1029110044.3844.5243.52 44.08
19.8.13              ---   - 612790044.0744.1943.55 43.67
16.8.13            ----    - 834210043.8644.6443.79 43.96
15.8.13            ----    - 891200044.4644.5643.76 43.85
14.8.13      ------       -- 895850046.1146.1544.96 45.00
13.8.13     -----            570830045.7846.2345.36 46.13
12.8.13     ----             507520045.5946.2545.59 45.80
9.8.13      ---           - 661380046.0346.0445.53 45.68
8.8.13     ------        -- 1121950045.2746.2545.20 46.16
7.8.13           ----     - 650780044.8144.8144.17 44.30
6.8.13         ----       - 798700045.3745.4644.69 44.87
5.8.13        ----          448830044.8145.4944.77 45.47

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Bullish and Bearish Momentum - Lowe's Companies, Inc.(NYSE:LOW), Best Buy ... SBWire (press release) - 11 hours ago Middletown, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2013 -- VipStockReports.com screens the markets looking for Hot Emerging Micro-cap and Small cap sto ... (more)
Buying Buybacks VI [Lowe's Companies, Inc., Marathon Oil Corporation, Macy's ... Seeking Alpha - 14 hours ago This article is the sixth in a series that examines a portion of the one-hundred stocks underlying the S&P Buyback Index. Readers have ... (more)
The Home Depot, Inc. (HD), Lowe's Companies, Inc. (LOW), Sears Holdings ... Insider Monkey (blog) - Aug 23, 2013 The housing market continues to improve, as evidenced by a variety of positive housing-related data points. This can only mean good things ... (more)
Lowe's Companies, Inc. (LOW), The Home Depot, Inc. (HD): Existing Home ... Insider Monkey (blog) - Aug 21, 2013 Adding to the optimism in the housing market today were the quarterly results from Lowe's Companies, Inc. (NYSE:LOW). (more)
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